400 – for universal use.

Where other sweepers have to pass:

  • Available as a walk-behind or seated device.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Fast transport speed: 16 km/h.
  • Sweeps hard-to-reach places.
  • Reduces the volume of waste to one-third of its original size.


Machine Dimensions

414 S2D: 1140 mm
414 RS: 1140 mm
424 TR: 1140 mm
424 HS: 1140 mm
414 S2D: 2510 mm
414 RS: 2997 mm
424 TR: 3550 mm
424 HS: 3550 mm
414 S2D: 1143 mm
414 RS: 1243 mm
424 TR: 1397 mm
1945 mm (with Cab)
424 HS: 1397 mm
1945 mm (with Cab)
414 S2D: 400 kg
414 RS: 440 kg
424 TR: 520 kg
424 HS: 545 kg
Turning Circle (between walls)
414 S2D: 1350 mm
414 RS: 1350 mm
424 TR: 2400 mm
424 HS: 2400 mm

Sweeping System

Air Sweeper
Cleaning path: Minimum
1170 mm
Sweeping Brush diameter
470 mm
Brush Reach (Beyond Front of Unit)
440 mm
Volume capacity (max)
284 l
Disposable Bag Size 30 - 55 Gal (Standard Trash Bag)
110 - 200 l
Vacuum Impeller Diameter
420 mm
Vacuum Hose Diameter
200 mm
Wander Hose Length
2,2 m
100 mm

Under-the-hood advantages.

Large storage space for rainwear, hand tools, bags, lunch, etc.

Nozzles on sweeping brushes and suction hose ensure better dust control.

The rotating impeller draws in all kinds of waste and shreds it to a third of its size; it even grinds glass to the size of large grains of salt.

Low centre of gravity and balanced steering in the middle makes the sweeper particularly user friendly.

Automatic shutoff when releasing.

The two-step dust filter removes dust from the airflow during each step:
– A nylon dirt filter in the garbage bag directs dirt particles to a conventional plastic garbage bag.
– The washable filter bag collects and binds the dust.

Equipped with easy-to-use controls.

400 accessories and upgrades

284 l canvas waste bag
Hygienic waste removal tool
(only for 414 S2D)
Recycling centre
(only for 424 HS)
All-weather cabin – mounted without tools
(only for 424 HS)

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