First impressions count.

This does not only apply to people but also to towns, cities and municipalities. Neat and tidy public green areas, roads and paths do not only contribute to a good image for visitors and the local inhabitants, but are also a sign of a council which works perfectly. And they encourage people to keep the city clean and tidy. As far as cleaning is concerned, many details and secondary effects are important, especially as viewed by a critical public. In this context, economic efficiency is equally important as environmental compatibility.


Clean and tidy towns and cities

For many years now, Green Machines have aimed to contribute decisively towards cleaner and tidier towns and cities by providing efficient and sophisticated sweeping machines. The electrically operated zero emission models are the most recent outcome of this engineering work. They not only match the exacting sustainability concepts of urban centers, but are also extremely attractive, especially in term of costs. We have also managed to enhance the performance of all Green Machines with conventional drive systems thanks to a host of clever details. For a city, its inhabitants, the environment and for all those who handle it on a daily basis.

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