500ze - Green Machines



Our E-mission:
Zero Emission..


Zero-emission, almost zero-noise, extremely energy- and cost-saving: the 500ze is a new generation of environmentally compatible city cleaning. Thanks to its innovative design, it also covers areas which are out of reach for other machines.


This is the future of surface cleaning: 500ze.


Green Machines makes an important contribution to achieving the ambitious CO2 emission targets:


  • Electrically driven by a lithium-ion battery:
    • Indicates battery charge in real time
    • Low-charge alarm
    • Intelligent charge monitoring system
  • Low noise transit mode.
  • Maximum operating time without interruption: 7 – 11 hours*
  • 70% lower water consumption thanks to reliable dust control (compared to traditional street sweepers)

* 500ze with single battery package – up to 7 hours
* 500ze with double battery package – up to 11 hours









Sweeping system


Type Vacuum sweeper
Working width: minimum (brushes retracted) 1.300 mm
Working width: maximum (brushes fully extended) 1.900 mm
Hopper capacity 0,75 m3





Machine dimensions


Length 3.300 mm
Width 1.200 mm
Height 1.980 mm
Empty weight 2.300 kg
Permissible total weight 2.670 kg
Wheelbase 2.670 mm
Turning circle curb to curb 2.750 mm
Turning circle wall to wall 3.550 mm


Technical Specifications


500ze accessories.
Convenience upgrade.




Air conditioning


Colour video camera for reversing


Pressure washer


Central lubrication


Flexible hose






Progressive vehicle management system with built-in monitoring, detection and diagnostics function.

Increased safety thanks to all-round visibility.

Reliable, first-rate and rugged constructions for demanding sweeping work.

Cyclones remove even fine dust thanks to extreme centrifugal forces from the air stream before the purified air is blown out again. The remaining dust is collected in the hopper.

Intelligent one-touch switching between sweep and transit modes.

Increased operating comfort and four-wheel vehicle suspension.

Up to 11 hours* of high sweeping performance thanks to double lithium-ion battery pack.

* GM5ze – 5 hours

Two independent brushes for maximum cleaning efficiency.


Simplified and accelerated maintenance and service thanks to full access to all major systems.